Thursday, 29 November 2012

It's a Dora Party!

So here I am once again - asking you to forgive me for not keeping up to date with my blog.

You will be excited to know however, that I will on my blog daily come December 3rd, as this is when I will be starting my 12 days of Christmas give away! Be sure to check back for details!

So, non business related - my *baby* girl turned 3 last week. My beautiful lil miss is now a saucy, smart and entertaining little person who is developing her own interests, personality and attitude! Lord help me!

Here is a photo when she was just days old:

And here she is now (mommy and her were having a girls day, getting our feet did!)

My little miss has developed quite the love of Dora the Explorer and decided this is what the theme of her birthday was. We had the cake, the balloon, the decorations and even a Dora dance party done at Groove Studio's. ( )
Here is some photo's of my missy's big day!
Her bedroom door when she awoke
Following the map, to discover where her Dora dance party would take her
Her birthday cake (made by moi!)
Loot bags and contents. Loots bag were made by me to look like backpack and rescue pack, cookies were made by Allison Potts, zipper pulls by Kahn Kidz ( ), cupcake soaps by Super Sweet Treats ( ) and of course the Dora clips by yours truly!
She was thrilled to get this gifts, which she's been asking non stop for.
I look forward to watching you learn, grow and enrich our lives! Happy Birthday baby girl!

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