Thursday, 28 February 2013

Toronto International Auto Show and Barbie in the Pink Shoes

So, we had such a great weekend that I just had to share. (sorry, there won't be any product in this blog except what my daughter is wearing ;)

So, my 8 year old son is a big car fan! Can rhyme off the specs on almost any car like it's nothing. Last year we took him to the Toronto Internation auto show and he was in his glory. This year we decided to make the trip again, with our daughter as well. We had no idea she would enjoy it as much as he did.

From the beautiful and high value exotic cars, to the your everyday family vehicle we checked out quite a few. My daughter *tested* out the back seats, forming her opinions and letting us know if she approved. My son, eager to hop in the driver's seat to take everything for a *spin*. The highlight of his day tho, was taking a trip to Chevy and checking out the new Hot Wheels concept car. I gotta say, it's quite the beaut! However, Chevy was also running a twitter contest and I was able to snag my son his very own Hot Wheels Chevy concept car. The cool part was that packaging titled the car - 2013 auto show!

My highlight was finding the Ford *Shelby* Mustang, and snapping a photo of my daughter in front of it. Bet you can't guess why?!? ;)

Here are a few photo's from our day.

Sunday, I was lucky enough to have won tickets from Momstown Guelph to the premiere of Barbie in the Pink Shoes at the ballet school in Toronto. Leanne from momstown and myself got the girls dolled up in thier tutu's and headed down to the school for some pink popcorn, ballet shoes cookies, ballet dance lesson's, meeting Barbie herself and of course watching the new movie released this past Tuesday. ( The girls had a great time. Here are a few photo's from that event.

Was a great weekend! By sunday night we were all wiped! ;)

Now, for those of you in the Guelph area - don't forgot to pop by and see us at the Fling into Spring sale being held at Groove Studios, starting at 10am! Lots of great vendors and awesome handmade items! Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

More wedding beauties!

I have to say, I am having soooo much fun playing with netting and feathers! I'm working on becoming a bit more risque with colour's to appeal to brides who prefer the out of the box wedding colours!

Here are a few more creations I did yesterday. Gotta say, kinda makes me wanna take the leap and tie the knot with my hubby. (Confused? Ya, my hubby and I have been engaged for almost 8 years! LOL)

Adorable for your flower girls, on a clip or a headband.

Another super cute and simple piece.

Let us help cut your wedding exspenses while creating your perfect piece!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Easter is JUST around the corner!

Easter is creeping up quickly. This year it's the end of March. Have you put any thought yet as to what will be in your favorite little misses Easter basket this year?


Well let me help! :)

I made these last year for a show, and they did so well that I've decided to start taking pre orders for this year!

Option 1:

Two home made chocolate suckers in your choice of milk, dark or white chocolate. 3 flowers on partially lined alligator clips, 1 corker and 1 headband. Comes in cute container/basket. Artifical grass will cover the sponges items are interested into.

Option 2:

Basket filled with choclate. 4 home made chocolate suckers (choice of dark, milk or white), 6 mini home made chocolates (choice of dark, milk or white), with decorations and foil wrapped eggs.

Option 3:

Have something else in mind! I'd love to hear it!

Please email me at to place your order today!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Website is live!!!

I'm so excited to share with everyone, that I've finally got my website done and it's now live!

I've been wanting to do one for quite sometime and have just never had the time. One of my vow's this year was to get a website going - so here it is. I'm hoping in the near future to also be able to allow ordering online!

Check it out!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Let us help make your wedding day perfect!

Wedding season is upon us, and you have no idea how excited I am to be branching out and creating wedding party and bridal pieces. I have been doing them by request, but was looking for something to add to my current creations. It was suggested I start making, and carrying wedding pieces. Viola! I'm also excited about booking into a bridal show this coming September!

Here is a sneak peek of some pieces I've done.

A stunning, but simple piece for the bride

Again, a simple but elegant piece for the bride. Would also be beautiful in different colours for the bridal party

Perhaps for your flower girl?

And for those non traditional brides

Have a piece in mind? I love to do custom work!
Partying Over here!


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hip, Hip, Hippity Hop!!!

Easter is on it's way! I'm seeing post's all over facebook with photographer's lining up appointment's for their little one's to have Easter photo's taken!!! That sent me a instant reminder that the holiday is early this year and right around the corner! Soooo, Easter goodies are starting to roll out at Shelby Styles. Here is a sneak peek of a few items that are currently done, ready to ship or ready to order!

This is one of my favorites. The ballerina bunny on two pink shabby's!

I'm also super excited about these clips! The photo's really don't do them justice. They are simply adorable!
Be sure to check back to my facebook page often. Lots of super cute items still to be added!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Switching it up a bit.....

So I decided to take a short break from my normal creations and play around with a few idea's I found on Pinterest.

I'm fairly pleased with they way they came out and may just add them to my collection of items for sell.

I've been wanting to try this one for awhile. Having recently reorganized my daughter's room and putting her in a big girl bed, I decided what better time to go ahead and do it! Although I need to perfect a few things, in the end I'm really pleased with the outcome!

My daughter's new hairclip holder. This one even has hooks for her headbands and hats too!

Isn't it cute?

I've also been wanting to start up a memory jar. This jar would be where everyone writes down a memory that has happened through the course of the year. At the end of the year, pull out all the memories and recount all the good times shared. I decided to decorate it a little and put a little twist on it. I'm sure you've noticed by now, I've got a thing for damask prints! ;)

Ta da!!! Our family memory jar!!!
Who say's DIY isn't easy?! :)

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Hello Kitty.......

Do you have a Hello Kitty fan in your house? Check out these super cute set's, that would make an a fantastic gift for your hello kitty fan!

Hello kitty adjustable ring fitting sizes 3.5 to 8, with hello kitty flower on partially lined alligator clip

 Hello kitty adjustable ring fitting sizes 3.5 to 8 with matching fully lined hello kitty clips.

Hello kitty adjustable ring fitting sizes 3.5 to 8, with hello kitty flower on partially lined alligator clip