Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bazinga!!! Your chance to win it!

For those of you watch The Big Bang Theory ( you know exactally the association between this show and the catch phrase title of this blog!

I personally love Big Bang (as does my 7 yr old son) and was super excited to bring this cross promotion with Double the Fun Creations to life. Who wouldn't love a Big Bang give away package?

Carole - the owner and brains behind the super cute T-shirt creations of Double the Fun created a adorable *Bazinga*shirt which beautifully complimented a corker and pair of no slip hair clips I had made. I haven't seen alot of Big Bang items hit the home base business market at this time and knew this give away would create much excitement.

Here is the best part - you can win this super cute package too!!

Here is how you can make this super cute prize package yours!

BAZINGA!!! Are you a Big Bang fan? Double the Fun Creations and Shelby Styles - Handcrafted Hairclips are super excited to announce our Big Bang collaborative give away!

The prize package includes a Bazinga shirt with your your sizing preferance (letters will be put on the intended way, once winner has picked a size) one Bazinga bottle cap corker and a pair of Bazinga no slip hairclips!

How ca...n you win?? If you already love Shelby Styles, pop on over to Double Your fun Creations give her a like and post on her wall that Shelby Styles sent you If you are already a fan of both post on one of our walls to let us know for your chance to win.

One entry per person. Contest will wrap up March 27th.
Make this yours today!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Something a little different

I am participating in the Momstown Guelph Mom 2 Mom sale this weekend. I've been fortunate enough to get to know Leanne Ballard, the Momstown Guelph momma and am proud to be able to participate in this event set up by her and her talented staff Melissa Cahoon and Paula O'Donnell.

Here is the link to Momstown Guelph
The event with all the details for the sale this Saturday!/events/336595493028714/
Also the link to the Momstown Guelph blog

If you are in the area, I hope you'll stop by and say hi to both Shanon and myself as well as catch some deals on some great gently used items!!

I've participate in several shows but this time around wanted to do something fun and different to both showcase my items as well and incorporate some of my other venues of creativity.

Sooooo, i decided to go out and buy some chocolate molds and rediscover my love for playing with chocolate! I got a small planter, some sponges and started bringing my vision to life! I created some chocolate lollipops this morning, and was quite pleased to see it was something I had lost my knack for.

I will be carrying only two of these *baskets* at the sale this weekend. What do you think?

This features 3 interchangeable flowers that can be worn alone or used to embelish a headband or hat. 1 curly corker, some Easter emebelishment, 1 matching headband and 2 homemade chocolate lollipops!

A view of the inside of the basket.

Im quite pleased with how it came out! Can't wait to see how they do!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

More personalized fun!

I've been doing the personalized hair clips for so long that I've been trying to think of different way to provide personalized items to my customers.

I did some playing around today. Here is the outcome!
The cool thing about these, is that they can be worn as just a clip or can also be used on hairbands or the crocheted hats.
Here is another:

Or if you really want to switch it up - add it to your purse or a tote bag! Great way to put your child's name on a item.

One more just for fun!!

What'cha all think??

Monday, 12 March 2012

To my enemy vanilla, one day I will prevail

Like many other people, I like to dabble in a few other areas. Cake decorating being one of them. I was honoured to be asked to make a birthday cake for our cousin's, daughters first birthday party this past weekend. There was some back and forth as to what shape of cake and all that good stuff and then I asked the dreaded question - What flavour would you like? Chocolate or Vanilla? Spitting out the words vanilla is the equivalent to nails on a chalk board for me. Don't get me wrong, I like vanilla cake and have no problem eating it as long as someone else has made it. The decision came back and a vanilla cake was the flavour of choice. CRAP!!

I frantically searched the world wide web for no fail vanilla cake receipes. Why, you ask?? You see vanilla cakes and I do NOT get along. I don't know if my expectations are too high when I hope for the cake to come out in a form other then rock hard. I don't know what it is - but I cannot make a vanilla cake to safe my life from scratch. I poked around Pinterest and found a receipe that had great comments and seemed simple enough. This has got to be the cake, I figured. So, just to be sure I did a trial run and made up the cake last Wednesday, while it was edible it was not something I would want to serve to people at birthday party!

Back to the drawing board. I posted on my FB wall asking for tried and true receipes and was given three by a friend of mine. Due to time constraints, I made one of the receipes Friday afternoon. It came from a cook book - it had to work! Right?!?! WRONG!!

My husband came home from work, looked at it, tapped it against the baking sheet a few times and said ya - this would work as biscotti! In other words, someone would have lost a few teeth trying to chomp into this thing!

Admitting defeat I sent a quick text to our cousin asking how she felt about chocolate cake instead. (I have a receipe that works out everytime!). After providing a bit of the vanilla cake history - I got a text saying, sure, go ahead!

So after all was said and done, here is the cake for a very special little one year old girl! It for sure got wayyyy better reviews then my arch enemy vanilla would have received!

Soooooo, if anyone does have a vanilla cake receipe they swear by I would love to have it! One day, vanilla will be mine!!! ;)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

How cool are these?!?!

Every now and then I like to bring in products customers are looking for. Not only do I get to do some digging and research, but I often end up finding something I *HAVE* to have. Check out these fresh, new and innovative products.

Dripstik is two products in one: One end holds frozen treats on a stick. Flip the Dripstik over and the other end holds ice cream cones in almost any size and variety. Its durable, soft plastic is long-lasting and easy-care–simply pop into the dishwasher!

Available in Orange, Green, Blue and Purple

It's been said that creativity comes out of necessity. With Dwinkbox, now you don't need to hold the drink for your children the entire time they're drinking, or drink half of the drink before it's safe enough for your kids to hold it themselves. Dwinkbox isn't going to prevent all of your juice messes, but every little bit helps, doesn't it? Here's to making our lives just a little bit less messy!

Designed to fit most individual drink boxes and pouches, including soy milk and extra small juice boxes, Dwinkbox is an extra set of hands for you and your child.

Available in Blue, Green and Purple

Cookie Safe was inspired by the feelings of frustration often felt by parents when they go to get a snack for their little one, only to find it crushed in their bag.
Specially designed to hold the most popular brands of pre-wrapped single serving cookies, crackers, granola bars, fruit snacks, candies or cheese sticks.

Created to take up as little space as possible in your bag, while helping to ensure that when you want to offer your little one a snack, you can actually give them one and not crumbs.

Cookie Safe is also great for containing and keeping treats safe in your older child's lunch box or backpack.
Available in Blue, Green, Yellow and pink

The great thing about OnTray, other than it makes shopping with your young children a little more enjoyable, is that it is multifunctional. It can be used as a container for your coupons, a shopping list and a small calculator. OnTray stores easily in a diaper bag or purse. There's no reason to carry more than one container of food for your children....

Effortless attachment to shopping cart handles frees up hands for other tasks The OnTray is made of FDA Approved Plastic, microwave safe (remove lid first), dishwasher safe (top rack only) and manufactured in the USA.

For ages 6 months + .

Simply follow this link to find out how to get yours!

Friday, 9 March 2012

I can't find my name!!!

So, you walk into a store and BAM, there it is! The section with all the personalized items. As you skim through cups, keychains and pens you know the comment about to come from your little one's mouth. *My name isn't here!*. If you have children with a unique name or spelling of a name Im sure you will appreciate why it is this line is among one of my favorites.

The Personalized Hair Clip

Your child can have their very own  name - done just the way they like! If they have a favorite colour or nick name - it can be done! This also lead to the personalized cause clips!

Or if their room needs a little touch of personaliztion.....

We haven't forgotten about the boys!!

Your little ones no longer need to be disappointed when they don't see their names, we can turn their frown upside down!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Let the blogging journey begin....

Welcome to my blog!!

 A close friend of mine had been nagging encouraging me to get a blog up and going. More so now that Pinterest is becoming the next big thing! So here I am.

Before I start throwing my product at you, I'd like to introduce myself to you! Im a SAHM  WAHM of two beautiful children. I have a 7 year old son attending a FI immersion school and a 2 year old Bubble Gupple loving little girl! I have a fantastic fiancee with whom I will be celebrating my 10 year anniversary with this year!

Shelby Styles, I often joke is a result of having a little girl after having a boy. It was like a whole new world walking into stores and seeing everything available for little girls. Not to mention how much it is to dress them up! My son for some unknown reason doesn't appreciate pretty bows in his hair - go figure!

I also work closely with another talented local - Shanon from Beautifully Beaded so you may often find me posting items of her's as well.

I hope you enjoying seeing my creations, sharing my creativity and occasionally wondering off topic to chat about my kids, the reason I do this! Thanks for following me do what I love and love what I do!

The Face Behind Shelby Styles and my reasons for doing it......