Friday, 9 March 2012

I can't find my name!!!

So, you walk into a store and BAM, there it is! The section with all the personalized items. As you skim through cups, keychains and pens you know the comment about to come from your little one's mouth. *My name isn't here!*. If you have children with a unique name or spelling of a name Im sure you will appreciate why it is this line is among one of my favorites.

The Personalized Hair Clip

Your child can have their very own  name - done just the way they like! If they have a favorite colour or nick name - it can be done! This also lead to the personalized cause clips!

Or if their room needs a little touch of personaliztion.....

We haven't forgotten about the boys!!

Your little ones no longer need to be disappointed when they don't see their names, we can turn their frown upside down!

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