Monday, 30 April 2012

Squeak Squeak

I've come to the conclusion that squeaky shoes for little ones are either a love or hate product. Personally, I love them and so does my daughter. Not only does it encourage little one's to walk, but you ALWAYS know where they!

We do alot of large crowded events and attractions throughout the year and for that reason alone our daughter has more then one pair of squeaky shoes. In fact, they are her shoe of choice!

Now up for pre order for between $15 and $17 are squeaky shoes! Here are an example of some of the shoes available.

Be sure to check out our facebook page for details on how to order and for other styles. Pre order wraps up soon, don't miss out!!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

I finally got to make it!

I'll admit it. Im a Pinterest addict. Thre is no harm in admiting the truth?

There are a few things on there I've seen Im dying to try, welllll maybe more then a few - but this was one of them.

A friend of mine was in need of cake for her children's birthday party this weekend and I saw my window of  opportunity! I offered to make a cake for her. Tossing around a few ideas - we came back to this cake! I was happy to take on the challenge!  Though this is typically done in a circle pan, I had to use my bigger square one to accomodate her guest number. This cake is not only super easy to make - but ALOT of fun too! Be prepared to take small pieces to avoid some sugar shock! HA!

Happy Birthday Jaxon and Mikaila!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Faeries in the Park is Back!!!

I LOVE local talent! But even more then that I love working with local talent!!

I have had the pleasure several times of doing joint collaborations with Loft Photography ( as well as having Jacquie taking photos of my own children.

Not only is Jacquie very talented, but she is also very patient and professional when it comes to working with children of all ages.

Last year Loft Photography and I teamed up for an event at Riverside park where fairies, goblins and so much more take over for the weekend for an event called Faery Fest.  (

Combining an assortment of various *fairy* like outfits and having Jacquie photography these adorable little ones, not only was the day fun but it was magical for all the little ones participating in the photo shoot as well.

We are excited to bring this cross promotion to you again this year!!

Here are some of the photos from the cuties from last year!!

New outfit packages will be posted within the next week. Don't let your little Tinkerbell down, spaces will fill up fast! Book your space today!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wear what you love!

Do you have a little one who loves something so much they always want to have a little something with them all the time??

Bottle cap corkers are another one of my favorite items. Not only can you wear your favorites in your hair, but you can also match it up with any colour combination you like!

From support a cause, to a Sheldon *Bazinga* or sporting Toopy and Binoo - whatever you dream, it can be done!! Pick your bottle cap, pick your colours - simple as that!

Here are a sample of some of the ones I have done.


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

It's Anti-Bullying day!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! My kids were spoiled by the Easter bunny and it was great be able to spend time with family.

It's been a bit since I've had the opportunity to update my blog - but what better day to do so then April 11th - Anti Bullying day. I believe it's a day that holds an important message and will to send the message that bullying will not be tolerated and that we as as members of society will take a stand.

My son's school (as many of the school's) has asked that the kids wear pink today. My wonderful son, who is unique in his own right did not want to wear pink last year. So we comprimised and were able to create something that would suit his desire to support the cause, but not take him out of his comfort zone. He wore it proudly to school today.

I wish I had of been more on the ball this year to create these for sale, but time slipped away. These could be put on a pin (which my son's is on) or on a clip or several other options.

Anti-bullying pin

Be sure to wear your pink today and take a stand!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sickness took over

It's been awhile since I've checked in here, but it's been for a good reason. My household was attacked with the virus that has been circulating. My son off school for a week, myself on antibiotics and my daughter going through it now.

So I don't have much to show or say as there hasn't been much happening, but what I did want to share with you is that tomorrow is World Autism Awareness day.

There are many people I know and love who have been affected by Autism, and our family might be one of them. I will be creating a new blog over the next few weeks as to not cross this one and our personal journey of testing our son.