Saturday, 28 April 2012

I finally got to make it!

I'll admit it. Im a Pinterest addict. Thre is no harm in admiting the truth?

There are a few things on there I've seen Im dying to try, welllll maybe more then a few - but this was one of them.

A friend of mine was in need of cake for her children's birthday party this weekend and I saw my window of  opportunity! I offered to make a cake for her. Tossing around a few ideas - we came back to this cake! I was happy to take on the challenge!  Though this is typically done in a circle pan, I had to use my bigger square one to accomodate her guest number. This cake is not only super easy to make - but ALOT of fun too! Be prepared to take small pieces to avoid some sugar shock! HA!

Happy Birthday Jaxon and Mikaila!

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