Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Do it yourself!

Have you been looking for that perfect craft for your little one, or daycare children? Or perhaps your looking for a unique idea for a loot bag?!?

I am super excited to share our new product! Do it yourself hairclips!! If you have been thinking about making these yourself, but don't want to put out the inital investment, then this is for you! The only thing you will need it perhaps a glue gun and some glue stick! (No more then $5 for both).

Each set includes 6 single prong alligator clips, 6 strips of 3/8 heat sealed ribbon cut in 20 cm pieces, 6 pieces of double sided tape, 2 embelishment, 6 no slip grips and instructions on how to create your own master piece sent in a word document via email (can be mailed should you so choose).

Mix, match, choose your ribbon, choose your embelishments! It's all about you!

Just $6 for each package (plus shipping if applicable)

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